Gnosis, Psychology and the Spiritual Journey.

Today’s math


5-power- refinement/2-wisdom, 1-knowledge

You can’t do the wisdom before you do the knowledge, as wisdom is the application of knowledge. Knowledge is the accumulation of facts thru observing, learning, and respecting. Wisdom is knowledge acted upon, therefore you need to do the knowledge first as you can’t act upon something you don’t have. Power is force or creative energy. To Refine is to perfect.Wisdom & Understanding give you Power (2+3=5). (5)(Power/Truth/Refinement)

Many times conflicts in our everyday and personal lives come from us reacting to a situation first before actually assessing it. In order to refine and perfect our interactions in the world we have to see situations as they are and act upon that knowledge, rather than assuming and acting upon our own emotions and pre-conceptions. When we combine these we begin to understand, or overstand, life and the way ourselves and other people relate to it. Wisdom add on knowledge all born understanding, 1+2=3.

U is the 21st letter of the alphabet. In the supreme alphabet, u is you or universe. So now we see how this concept directly relates to refining ourselves and building with others. The first three letters of universe are U,N,I-or YOU AND I. When we knowledge this concept we can then begin to apply it, and gain understanding. When this understanding refines ourselves and how we interact with the world around us we can build rather than destroy. 5+2+1, or 5+1+2=8.
5(power,refinement) add on [1(knowledge) add on 2(wisdom) all born 3(understanding)] all born 8(build/destroy].

In reference to what was said about reacting to a situation or person based on our own emotions and misconceptions before assessing the situation rationally and logically without bias (contempt prior to investigation), we have to understand what psychologists term as “fundamental attribution error”. Many of us have heard that the world is a mirror. We often apply our own attributes to other people, and sometimes grow angry with someone unaware that we are manifesting our own shortcomings in them. In order to see others enacting this on us, we should always investigate what their priorities are. A person’s priorities and concerns will always dictate the attributes they see in the world and others. The same goes for ourselves, what are your priorities, and what are mine?

There is a hadith in which Rasulallah sallahu aleiyhi wa sallam said that a believer is his brother’s mirror, and now psychologists are coming out with the term “fundamental attribution error”. Subhanallah.

In the art of war, chapter 5 verse 21 Sun Tzu writes,”The clever combatant looks to the effect of combined energy, and does not require too much from individuals.” The commentary of Tu Mu says, regarding that passage,”He first of all considers the power of his army in the bulk; afterwards he takes individual talent into account, and uses each man according to his capabilities. He does not demand perfection from the untalented.”

Demanding and expecting from others what we want from/for ourselves is to set ourselves up for failure. This is just one more case of fundamental attribution error in action. We need to asses a whole situation as is, without our personal expectations and then do what needs to be done to manifest the desired result rather than expecting everyone to play by our script.

In conclusion, I leave you with the 21st key of life-A smile brings forth energy or life.


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