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Longing for the Divine, by Sheikh Hisam Kibbani


Annihilation or Liberation?

How can I describe the color of light to a blind man? The eyes improving slightly, some run recklessly to the reflection on the glass, slapping the exterior like moths burning to feel the warmth. The light itself so far hidden within the center of the flame, we seek and yet settle for what is seen only by the eyes. The heart can see what the eyes cannot, empty yourself and see life for the first time.

My true name is Nothing, my enemy tells me otherwise. Depriving myself with hunger is the only true food, My body starves to nourish the spirit. Two loves cannot live in the same heart, I am shamed by my infidelity. Striving to lower my gaze, I am taken with an ocean of forms that are other than my Beloved. Every moment I steal leads me further away, further and further until I am imprisoned by I and Me.

I spread out my mat, in hopes that my Love will notice my longing, acknowledging my calls with a moment of forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of everything I know, everything I hold to be “real”. There is only one Reality. May I follow my namesake, and destroy the idols within my soul.

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A great talk by Sheikh Hisham Kibbani of the Naqshbandi Sufi order. MashaAllah.