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A du’a for surrender.



I seek refuge in God

from my knowledge and acts.


I am weak as a moth

to endure the fire.


The majesty of glory

has burned all discernment.

I confess I am powerless,

submissive and inert.


-taken from a poem by Abu al-Hasan al-Shushtar



Letting go

I took this from the brother Abdur Rahim’s blog, may Allah reward him.




It’s a habit of yours to walk slowly.

You hold a grudge for years.

With such heaviness, how can you be modest?

With such attachments, do you expect to arrive anywhere?


Be wide as the air to learn a secret.

Right now you’re equal portions clay

and water, thick mud.


Abraham learned how the sun and moon and the stars all set.

He said, No longer will I try to assign partners for God.


You are so weak. Give up to Grace.

The ocean takes care of each wave

till it gets to the shore.

You need more help than you know.

You’re trying to live your life in open scaffolding.

Say Bismillah, In the Name of God,

as the priest does with a knife when he offers an animal.


Bismillah your old self

to find your real name.

-Mevlana Jalaludin Rumi


And while you read those last four lines, ponder this ayat:

‎[Kausar 108:2] “So offer the prayers for your Lord, and perform the sacrifice.”


May Allah bless you and keep you, ameen.